Where Are You Going?

When one thinks of Labor Day weekend and traveling, I can guarantee that visiting Wichita is not really that high on the list. But here we are, gearing up for a wonderful weekend in Kansas. There is an actual purpose for going, we’re not just crazy. Laura and Freddie are now living there with their new baby, Alexander and it’s about time for us to see this new mini-Freddie/Laura. So, this afternoon, we will be heading out on the open road for 7 hours. I hate car trips.

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Video Corrected

For some reason, YouTube didn’t like the video I uploaded showing Kenny and I being flung from the tube. I recompressed it an reuploaded and it took this time, so if you are too lazy to view it in it’s original context, it is here also:

Note the pure glee in Jen’s voice when we go overboard.

Our trip to the lake

The cool kids, originally uploaded by Cracker and Cheese.

This weekend, Jen and I finally went down to visit Kenny and Krissy at the lake. Our trip, while long overdue, was definitely as awesome as we had expected. Friday night, we got in around 9pm and Kenny and I cracked open the bottle of Kaoliang that I brought back from Taiwan. That is some stern stuff! The four of us spent the evening chatting and catching up on old times, as it had been quite a while since we had all been together.

The next day, Krissy had to work, but Kenny, Jen and I went up to the office to visit her. As there weren’t any customers around, the four of us ordered some BBQ from the place next door, and chowed down on some tasty pulled pork. Once Krissy finished up at the office, we took a trip to Pier One so Kenny and Krissy could make some returns and other purchases, as they are still getting their house decorated. Once that was complete, the four of us set out on their boat. We drove down into the Grand Glaize Arm, past Party Cove, and into a quiet, secluded portion of the lake to swim and chill out. The water was warm, and the lake was calm down there. Basically, it was a perfect place to hang out.

After a while, we were all chilled out, so we tied the tube onto the back of the boat and went tubing! Of course, we pulled away and forgot to bring in the anchor, which dredged up a big ass tree. Oh well.

Kenny and Tree

Jen and Krissy did well, they only fell off once. They had their turns down pat, so much that they came out nearly alongside the boat on a couple of the sharper turns.
Jen and Krissy

Kenny and I had a little bit more trouble just getting into the tube, as we are large men.

We're gonna need a bigger tube.

Once on though, the tubing was fun. Krissy managed to dump us over twice though, as our tube turned like an aircraft carrier.

After that, I gave a brief and unsuccessful attempt to water skiing, while Kenny was actually able to get up and stayed up for almost 3 minutes. If you get bored with this, fast forward to near the end. I haven’t had a chance to edit this down yet.

By the time we were done with that, we were all pretty beat, so we made for land and cooked up some brats and hot dogs on their grill. The evening was capped off with some Super Mario Strikers Charged on the Wii. That game is pretty fun, except when it comes to super strikes. The GameCube version is much better because you have the option to turn off the super strikes. In the Wii game, you can’t so it just gives incentive to run off into the corner and do super strikes all game instead of actually making passes and setting up soccer goals.


The next day, Kenny and Krissy took us to Kay’s, a restaurant that serves all you can eat breakfast, but not on a buffet. You just order what you want and they will keep bringing it out to you. Hella delicious. After that, we went down to see Krissy’s Parents’ new lake house that is being built. It’s right on the point up by the dam. Pretty amazing.

All in all, we had a great weekend, and we are looking forward to coming down again in a few weeks time.

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