Kala Came to Visit!

Kala came over to hang out with us this past weekend while her parents went up to Chicago to see friends and watch a Cards-Cubs game (so jealous). As usual, we ended up spoiling her rotten because, really, how can you resist that face when she puts her head on your knee and looks up at you with nothing but the “I just want to be loved” look. She got to sleep in bed with us, snuggle on the couch, got people food, received massive amounts of belly rubs and anything else she wanted. We spoiled Kuma as well, she was not neglected. She got everything that Kala got, and then some extra attention when Kala left because she had to share for four days. And you know how hard it is to share when you’re an only dog.

Doesn’t it seem like there are way too many blankets on the bed for summer?

The only thing about Kala is that she will bark at any little noise she hears, day or night. There have been moments when she’s laying down, away from any windows or doors and all of a sudden, she’ll start barking. And it ends up that there was a person walking his dog down the street. It’s like she has a sixth sense. I’m sure she barks when she hears spiders scuttling along the walls. Her barking is so random that it will scare Kuma that she’ll plod into another room just to get back to sleep. Kala – great guard dog, Kuma – not so great guard dog.

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One thought on “Kala Came to Visit!

  1. Thanks again for watching her. This post made me laugh out loud as I am aware of Kala’s random barking fits. She looks so pathetic on your bed staring back at me saying, “Why can’t I do this at home?”

    Can’t wait to see you guys this weekend!!!!!!!!!!! I am counting the days :)

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