My Bosses F**king Rock!

About three weeks ago, my boss asked if I was going to be here on October 5th because he wanted to schedule a meeting. I said that I was and then quickly forgot about it, it was two months away. I figured that I would ask him about it in September what it was all about. Well, today at lunch, he asked us if we remembered the meeting in October. When we nodded, he said, “Head Boss and I are sending you girls to Vegas.” WHAT!?!?!? Apparently, it’s a thank you from them to us! That means we are taking a three-day weekend on the company dime to fly and stay at the Mandalay Bay (we each have our own rooms)! So many exclamations points! Can’t you tell that I’m excited! I have never been to Sin City and Donna and Angie are so stoked to show me around. Donna loves Vegas and she’s already got the itinerary on what to do while there. It’s too bad Bob is not allowed to go, but I’ll try to have a good time without him. Tee-hee! AHHHHHH! Vegas, baby, Vegas!

5 thoughts on “My Bosses F**king Rock!

  1. I hate you. I can’t even take time of with vacation I have earned let alone get my company to pay for me to go anywhere! :)

  2. I have never been to Vegas either. It’s on my list. Another trip without Bob, good for you … you’re really getting out there in the world.

  3. Jen,

    Sorry we weren’t able to catch up last weekend, it was a whirlwind weekend and truthfully I am still trying to catch up on sleep. We ended up at the old Tangerine after the wedding on Saturday and there were girls topless with pasties and a bunch of airbrushed body paint….I laughed my ass off.. Believe it or not there is a little vegas in STL. Hopefully we can catch up over the holidays.

    Vegas is a lot of fun, I had only been there for a bachelorette party. Good food, lots of shopping amongst many other things…..definitley take a cab to the in and out burger….

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