The Shangri-la Diner

Whenever Kate comes into town, it’s a perfect opportunity for us to try a new restaurant with a large selection of vegetarian items. This time, we decided to try the Shangri-La Diner over on Cherokee Street. When you walk into the place, you are instantly assaulted by bright colors and an assortment of kitschy objects. It’s definitely not the traditional diner you are used to but it’s awesome! We were served by a waitress with spiky hair dyed bright pink, wearing striped socks all the way up past her knees. Basically, it serves an alternative crowd, I mean, I felt a little weird walking in there in khakis, a T-shirt and a Coach purse, too conservative by their standards. The Shangri-La Diner is deemed vegetarian, you can even take it a step further by making some of the dishes vegan. I got the St. Louis Slinger, it was so filling I felt like I had to be rolled out the door. It was pretty good and not as greasy as I thought it would be (probably because there was no trans fat and it was vegan chili). Kate got the Creme Brulee French Toast, which tasted great, but a little too sweet for dinner for me. That would have been a great dessert, but she didn’t mind that at all and proceeded to eat every bit of it. Bob got the Slammin’ Salmon Plate, a breakfast dish and that was really good also. We all had chosen some yummy dishes and had a great time because it was someplace new and fun. Next time, we’ll have to do brunch there, I hear that’s really popular.

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  1. Oooo … sounds fun! Take me there when I come to St. Louis!! Too bad I’m not there now … I dropped Jason off at the airport a couple hours ago. He has to drive down to a wedding in St. Genevieve, but you might be able to catch him Sunday-Tuesday if you give him a call!

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