Weekend with the Girls

All of Us in DC

Despite the actual traveling (which will be in a later post), I had a great time in Washington, DC, hanging out with Erin, Kristy and J. We were there for Kristy’s bachelorette party (she’s getting married in September) and decided that DC would be a great place to all meet since we were coming from different cities. Once I got there Saturday afternoon, it was just in time to get freshened up to go to afternoon tea at the Mayflower Hotel. It was a very beautiful lobby and the Cafe Promenade was just as ornate. I mean, there was a harpist playing while we had tea. Since this was the first time I had ever had tea, I was in awe. First, you order your own pot of tea and then they serve you all these mini-sandwiches and desserts on individual two tier platters. It was so girly, it was awesome! When the food first came out, I was like, “Um, I’m going to have to have seconds because this isn’t going to be enough,” but surprisingly, it was too much food. I felt that they had to roll me out of there. Doesn’t it look so fabulous?

Yummy Food!

Afterwards, Erin took us on a little driving tour of the Mall and pointed out some significant landmarks. This was my first time in DC and so everything was so new to me and I was such a tourist, asking questions and oohing and aahing. Being there less than 48 hours has me hooked. I must go back to the city and be very touristy.

Later that night, we decided to head to Old Town Alexandria to oogle the sights and have dinner down by the Potomac. “Charming” kept popping in my head. Everything was so charming, the townhouses, the cobblestone streets, the history of it. Everywhere you turned, you would come across something that was at least a century old. We ended up having dinner on the patio of the Chart House and were serenaded by a guy in full Scottish garb playing the bagpipes down on the landing. He even played the Star Wars theme song. Hysterical.

Once dinner was over, we all decided to walk back to the car and head on home to spend the rest of the evening in drinking wine and eating chocolate. You see, Kristy is a very low-key person, she’s not one for getting smashed and bumping and grinding at the clubs. This was why it was perfect that it was only the four of us, we were able to just hang out and spend time together and gift her with lingerie. Oh, but don’t worry, of course it would be me to bring some bawdiness to the quiet gathering we had. I had to pass on to her a gift that was given to me: a giant, plastic flesh-covered penis, veins included, with a curly straw and a veil with little penises glued on.

Underwear and Penises

Sunday afternoon, we were lucky to meet Pete, Erin’s boyfriend who lives in Annapolis, which meant that we got a little tour from him. The town was so cute and we couldn’t seem to stop saying that. He recommended a place to get the best milkshakes/malts and so we had to go to Chick & Ruth’s, I mean, who can pass up milkshakes in late July? Man, this place has character, it was so crazy busy, a greasy diner vibe, I wish we could have eaten there. Because we all had to head to the airport, we only spent about 45 minutes in Annapolis. I will definitely go back.

It was an absolutely awesome weekend, spending time with the girls in a different city, exploring the area and eating fabulous food. What more could you want? I will be taking a vacation there sometime in the next year, even if it’s only for a couple of days. Girls, you were all so wonderful, I had such a great time and can’t wait to see you in September!

For the rest of the pictures, just click here, these include the lingerie that we got her so Dermot, you are forbidden.

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  1. Okay Kristy’s sister looks nothing like her…sorry chica but I think they mixed you guys up at the hospital…hope you had a great bachelorette party!

    Hey Jen since I still haven’t had a chance to go back and do the whole touristy thing either make sure you include me in your plans.

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