Boo Hung!

I HATE Hung! Hate his attitude, hate his cockiness, hate him! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, that means you are absolutely missing out on a great show, Top Chef. If you do know what I’m talking about, who do you want to win? I like Dale.


Take a look at these future Air Tran Employees wrecking themselves. This is maybe the best and most painful collection of wipeouts I’ve ever seen.

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Go maire tú do shaol úr!

I Now Pronounce You…, originally uploaded by Cracker and Cheese.

I hope that means something to the effect of congratulations on your marriage in Gaelic and if it doesn’t, whoops, bad translation!

Even though we had a hellish Friday night traveling to Rochester, Saturday was the exact opposite. Everything worked out perfectly and the wedding and reception were awesome. In the morning, we met up with Erin’s mom, Bettie, to go shopping for something to wear, just in case we weren’t going to get our bag from the airport in time. First stop, Marshalls, where I found a dress for $36! Score! Bob found a pair of slacks, some socks and undershirts but no luck on shoes or a shirt. Undaunted, we soldiered on to the mall where I was able to find a pair of shoes to compliment my new dress and Bob cleaned up in Men’s Wearhouse. Shoes, a shirt, and a tie all at the low, low price of $77, after factoring in sales, a discount for having the store credit card, a hard earned gift certificate in the amount of $50 and $20 off just for the heck of it. Bob, you’re sexy when you save money. After leaving the mall we received a summons to return to the airport to claim our wayward garment bag, just in time for the wedding. Secretly, I was a little disappointed because I was excited about my new outfit but then, we decided that this little shopping experience would help us recover from the night before. So, after all of this, I ended up wearing my new dress and shoes! And Bob wore his new shirt, tie and shoes with his suit.

The wedding was held in this adorable town of Rush, NY in this quaint 19th century chapel. I had expected Kristy to cry but it was actually Dermot who shed a couple of tears when he saw his bride walking down the aisle. Sweet moments include the priest reading their letters to each other (they didn’t know what the other had written), loving glances toward one another, Kristy’s parents holding each other and Kristy’s dad, Ray, giving her hand to Dermot. You definitely saw and felt the love that radiated from Kristy and Dermot.

The reception was held at the Doubletree Hotel (where we were staying). Besides the convenience of not having to drive, the Doubletree gave out free warm chocolate chip cookies! SO AWESOME! You got it at check-in but here’s a little tip, you can ask for them anytime you want, which meant I ended up eating three cookies. Oh, sorry, had to talk about the cookies for the moment, back to the reception. Dermot is Irish and so a lot of his friends and family crossed the pond to witness his wedding. To throw in some Irishness, he hired the Wild Geese, a local Irish band to play for a couple of hours. The only experience I’ve had with Irish music is Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys so true Irish music was a new one for me. They were wonderful and so much fun to listen to. We all found out that night that Pete, Erin’s boyfriend, had some smooth moves on the dance floor and was out there spinning Erin around like rag doll. Kristy and Dermot danced to the theme song from the Princess Bride and I recognized it! Kim, you would have been proud. And, of course, Kristy, Erin and I had to sing “This Kiss,” by Faith Hill with a wooden spoon, it’s a 355 thing, you wouldn’t understand. It was done at my wedding, we had to do it at Kristy’s wedding and we will do it at Erin and Kate’s wedding! The wedding reception was such a blast that we stayed until 12:30.

Kristy and Dermot, you compliment each other perfectly and we wish you many, many beautiful years together. Thank you for allowing us to share this special moment with you!

If you’re interested in seeing some more photos of the happy couple, please click here.

Lucky to be in Rochester

Kristy and Dermot are getting married this weekend and so were are now blogging from the Doubletree Hotel in Rochester, NY. All I have to say is that we are lucky to have made it, our luggage was not so lucky. What? You want to know what happened? Good, because I am absolutely ready to tell you. Man, two posts in a row with complaints about service, I’m on a roll. I think we’ve been hanging around Krissy and Kenny too long. :-)

Well, everything started out well, checked our bags with no problems, went through the security line (hint: if you want to pass quickly through security, go through the B concourse, you’re able to get to the C and D concourses from there) and found our gate. Plane was on time, people got off quickly, we boarded quickly. At 6:08 PM, we pushed away from the gate. Shocked, I turned to Bob and said, “Wow, that’s the first time ever that I’ve been on a flight that was on time.” Damn me and my big fat mouth. Yeah, after I said that, we sat on the tarmac for about 20 minutes, waiting for our turn.

Because of our delay in STL, we arrived into Atlanta at 9:00 PM (our connecting flight takes off at 9:20 PM). We then sat on the tarmac for 15 minutes before getting to a gate. After deplaning, we found out that our gate was in a separate concourse and we had 5 minutes to get there. This was when our marathon training came in. We both sped through the C concourse, trampled down the LONG escalator, barely slipped onto the shuttle to the D concourse, ran out of the shuttle, flew up the LONG escalator and sprinted down the entire length of the D concourse. At the gate at 9:18 PM. God, we rock! Once we boarded, wheezing like old men, we then sat at the gate for another 20 minutes to wait for the slow asses who couldn’t run as fast as us. Come on, people, we made an effort, why couldn’t you?

Finally, we made it into Rochester, 15 minutes late, but made it. Only to discover that one of our bags did not make it from Atlanta. And that’s the bag with OUR OUTFITS FOR THE WEDDING!!!!! Sonofabitch! I have never had that happen to me. So, tomorrow we will be visiting Marshalls to find something to wear, just in case Airtran does not bring our bag to us on the 11:15 AM flight. And if my dress and shoes are not here tomorrow morning for me to wear, I will have Bob rip them a new one. I don’t like confrontation, I’m just good at complaining.

First experience with Airtran, not so impressed. Probably not going to fly them again. They market themselves as a low fare airlines, so you are getting what you paid for.