A Wonderful Wichita Weekend

Last weekend, we saw Laura, Freddie and Baby Alexander out in Wichita. It was really great to see them because the last time we seen each other was on the cruise, almost a year ago. This would also be our first meeting with Alexander.

I’m sure you guys are all wondering how well we survived three days of baby and I have to admit, I don’t think we did too bad. Bob and I are apparently very heavy sleepers because we did not hear the baby crying in the middle of the night and he was next door. Laura would apologize the next morning about the baby crying and we would look confused and say, “We didn’t hear anything, he was crying?” Makes me wonder if I’m going to hear my child cry (probably not because I love sleep). We were able to hold the baby without looking like he was going to give us some deadly disease. Sure, they shoved Alexander in our arms early on but as time went on, we began to pick him up on our own. Now I did not have the pleasure of changing his diaper (that’s because I put my foot down on that chore) but Bob did get to choose a new onesie and dress Alexander one morning. Very adorable. He is such a happy baby, it was so much fun seeing him smile and laugh. We just adored him. The best part of it all was whenever he got the slightest bit fussy, Bob or I would just give him back to Mommy or Daddy.

We had such a fun time with them and we can’t wait for them to come here so Alexander can meet our “baby,” Kuma.

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One thought on “A Wonderful Wichita Weekend

  1. “He is such a happy baby, it was so much fun seeing him smile and laugh.”

    Is this how you always talk about Bob when I’m not around?

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