Boo Hung!

I HATE Hung! Hate his attitude, hate his cockiness, hate him! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, that means you are absolutely missing out on a great show, Top Chef. If you do know what I’m talking about, who do you want to win? I like Dale.

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3 thoughts on “Boo Hung!

  1. I definately do not want hung to win. Granted, he is a great chef, he just appears so fake. Like that gag story about his mother. funny, thats the first I’ve heard of that all season. My pick from the beginning was Dale but about mid-way I switched to Casey. So either way, I’m satisfied. So long as hung doesn’t win.

  2. And what was that BS about him enjoying the “Elk” challenge? He was totally complaining about it! Casey’s cool, too. It would be nice for a girl to win Top Chef this time. But Dale’s my favorite because he just seems cool.

  3. Brandon. Totally agree. I was telling Jen & Bob that I think somebody coached him when he was home for the break. Said, “You’re coming across as a totaly asshole, you need to humanize yourself for the cameras a little. I mean, I know you were raised from a pod, but make up some shit about parents, okay?”

    And what about “OH! I LOVED THIS CHALLENGE! Elk is SO AWESOME!” Same coach–“Stop being such a dick at judge’s table. You gotta stop telling the judges that they ‘just didn’t understand your meal’ whenever they criticize you.”

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