I’ve finally been defined.

As someone who was born in in 1978, I’ve never really had an identity. Depending on which study or article you are reading, I’m either at the tail end of Generation X or the very front of Generation Y. Traditional Gen X pillars like “Reality Bites” and “The Breakfast Club” and “The Real World” don’t mean a goddamn thing to me because I was too young and too male and too cableless to care about them when they were out. And since I’m not infected with Gen Y’s bizarre obsession with nostalgia (see: I Love the 80’s, I Love the 90’s, hell — All of VH1), I never really got into those things retroactively. As a consequence, I’ve never really seen my tastes in Pop Culture labeled as an easily-defined demographic. That is, of course, until today.

Quirked Around explores the upper middle class indie sensibilities that I find so compelling and defines it as “Quirk”. In doing so, he tags numerous works of pop culture (as well as The Evident Patron Saint of Quirk: Ira Glass) as belonging to this particular movement, and with the dual exceptions of Arrested Development (never really got into it) and the new Flight of the Conchords show (I liked them two years ago, when they had the One Night Stand special. Now that everyone knows about them, I’m over it.) the author Michael Hirschorn might as well be describing my bookshelf and DVD collection.

So I guess I’m Quirky™? Or a Quirker™? I’m not sure.

Anyway. Now you know.

Found via the always awesome BuzzFeed.

3 thoughts on “I’ve finally been defined.

  1. That is SO weird. He is absolutely describing your movies and books. Are you sure you didn’t have him over for lunch one day?

  2. Are you mad at Flight of the Conchords for getting too famous? You’re not one of those guys who only likes stuff when it’s your little secret, are you?

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