Lucky to be in Rochester

Kristy and Dermot are getting married this weekend and so were are now blogging from the Doubletree Hotel in Rochester, NY. All I have to say is that we are lucky to have made it, our luggage was not so lucky. What? You want to know what happened? Good, because I am absolutely ready to tell you. Man, two posts in a row with complaints about service, I’m on a roll. I think we’ve been hanging around Krissy and Kenny too long. :-)

Well, everything started out well, checked our bags with no problems, went through the security line (hint: if you want to pass quickly through security, go through the B concourse, you’re able to get to the C and D concourses from there) and found our gate. Plane was on time, people got off quickly, we boarded quickly. At 6:08 PM, we pushed away from the gate. Shocked, I turned to Bob and said, “Wow, that’s the first time ever that I’ve been on a flight that was on time.” Damn me and my big fat mouth. Yeah, after I said that, we sat on the tarmac for about 20 minutes, waiting for our turn.

Because of our delay in STL, we arrived into Atlanta at 9:00 PM (our connecting flight takes off at 9:20 PM). We then sat on the tarmac for 15 minutes before getting to a gate. After deplaning, we found out that our gate was in a separate concourse and we had 5 minutes to get there. This was when our marathon training came in. We both sped through the C concourse, trampled down the LONG escalator, barely slipped onto the shuttle to the D concourse, ran out of the shuttle, flew up the LONG escalator and sprinted down the entire length of the D concourse. At the gate at 9:18 PM. God, we rock! Once we boarded, wheezing like old men, we then sat at the gate for another 20 minutes to wait for the slow asses who couldn’t run as fast as us. Come on, people, we made an effort, why couldn’t you?

Finally, we made it into Rochester, 15 minutes late, but made it. Only to discover that one of our bags did not make it from Atlanta. And that’s the bag with OUR OUTFITS FOR THE WEDDING!!!!! Sonofabitch! I have never had that happen to me. So, tomorrow we will be visiting Marshalls to find something to wear, just in case Airtran does not bring our bag to us on the 11:15 AM flight. And if my dress and shoes are not here tomorrow morning for me to wear, I will have Bob rip them a new one. I don’t like confrontation, I’m just good at complaining.

First experience with Airtran, not so impressed. Probably not going to fly them again. They market themselves as a low fare airlines, so you are getting what you paid for.

5 thoughts on “Lucky to be in Rochester

  1. See? If you’d talked to the flight attendant, like I told you to, you wouldn’t have had to run. That does still suck about the luggage though. Hopefully by the time you see this, you’ll have your luggage. Sounds like the baggage handlers weren’t willing to run to your connecting flight either.

  2. We only complain about bad service so often because we get bad service constantly. I am really sorry to hear that you don’t have your stuff! I would be a crazy woman if I didn’t have what I packed to wear. And trust me, Airtran would have 8 new ones if I got a hold of them. I have no qualms with saying what’s on my mind – I guess that’s because I’ve had so much practice!

  3. I meant that you two seem to get bad service, not that you complain all the time. Sorry I made it sound like you complain lots. :-)

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