Mike Lee Gets it Exactly Right

Warning, this is a huge, lengthy article that covers a lot of different topics and is full of profanity. Besides all of that, Mike Lee’s "On Selfishness" is awesome. People who complain about the iPhone price drop can blow me.

And yeah, I do drive an SUV, but no one’s perfect.

5 thoughts on “Mike Lee Gets it Exactly Right

  1. Apparently, all iphone users who will not be getting a $200 credit (those that purchased 10 days prior to price drop) will be getting an in-store credit for $100. What the hell? Isn’t the reason for paying the initial price is so you can be the only kid on the street with an iphone? A-holes.

  2. I’m about half way through this article, and I really want to punch this guy in the face. He’s kind of a whiny bitch. It also seems like he’s the kind of guy that thinks he’s better than everybody and is a pompous ass about it. Maybe I’m reading this wrong.

  3. Early adopters have nearly ALWAYS paid extra for the priviledge of being early adopters. Know what you paid that extra $200 for? For friends, co-workers and people on the street to say “Oooh, is that an iPhone? Nice.” And frankly, it’s probably what you paid the entire $599 for–to have the flashy new gizmo first.

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