Ruskin Sucskins

Tonight we went over to Bob’s parents’ house to try out the new “Irish pub,” Ruskin O’Brien’s. Overall, it was horrible. I guess I can give it some slack due to the fact that it has only been opened for one week. But, no, I’m not. Run down of cons:

1. When walking in, we were not immediately greeted nor seated. We seated ourselves.

2. Waitress did not come up to us for a while and when she did, we HAD to ask for menus. Which we only got one to share amongst the four of us. And it was two pieces of paper stapled together.

3. They didn’t have half of the menu. There were no salads, no sweet potato fries, ran out of some other items.

4. Did not receive our food for 45 minutes. It’s bar food, for goodness sake, how hard could it be!

5. Had to ask the waitress to check on our food. Once we received our food, we had to ask her for silverware!

6. I ordered the grilled chicken sandwich. What I ended up with was a charred, rubbery chicken sandwich with no toppings. I had to ask for lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and onions. And they didn’t have onions! The freakin’ Marsala’s Market is across the street! Plus, very bland steamed vegetables.

Terrible food, terrible service. Terrible shame. I really don’t like to hate on restaurants but this one left me no choice.

4 thoughts on “Ruskin Sucskins

  1. I do enjoy the clever name of your post though! For some reason it seems like Kenny and I should have been there with you as that is the usual standard of service we receive :)

  2. Ruskins is definitely weak on the food side, took me four different visits to find the kitchen open. Went at 10:00PM at night, at 7:30PM on a Sunday DURING THE GAME, at 5:00PM AFTER WORK, and finally found them open at 2:00PM on a weekday afternoon. Food was okay, but way overpriced. But they are a fun place to drink, and the service isn’t bad at the bar.

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