Dyson Sucks.

But that’s the point of the world’s most awesome vacuum. Last weekend, Jen’s sister called us from Kohl’s. We had talked previously about wanting a Dyson Animal to help control the dog hair in the house. Plus, we like expensive high tech thingies and Chris was looking for a new vacuum for her house. She devised the plan where she and her mother would buy a Dyson for Jen and I for our combined birthday and Christmas presents and we could hand-me-down our existing Dirt Devil and called us to make sure we thought that was a good idea. Of course, we thought that was a great idea. They brought over our new toy and after assembling it and figuring out the instructions, I gave it a test spin.

Now, bear in mind that we had vacuumed the living room not even 16 hours earlier because Brandon and Paul were coming over for the hockey game. It was a cursory vacuuming, but then so was the initial test run with the Dyson. We didn’t even get back into Kuma’s corner, but the results were astonishing:

The spoils of Dyson.


That was just the living room! That was in our carpet and we were completely oblivious.


Of course, Kuma is just thrilled to have a new vacuum in the house. Even though the Dyson is much quieter than the Dirt Devil, she’s still a little spooked. In fact, just thinking about vacuums makes her tired.

Kuma is tired of vacuuming.

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