That Is NOT a Costume!

Yesterday I received a forward full of dogs all dressed up for Halloween, each with a look on their faces of abject horror. Oh, I know, Kuma gives me that same look every time I put socks on her. As I’m scrolling through these photos of humiliated canines, I came across this one:

Huh. That’s weird. I’ve seen that picture before. So, I go through my old emails and found another forward sent to me with the title of “Pictures that Make You Smile” and here’s what I found:

This is so wrong on so many levels! I mean, come on! First of all, thong and sunglasses on a dog, NOT a costume! Second, photoshopping a thong on a dog, disgusting and very disturbing. Third, finding a random dog to photoshop? How low can you go? And lastly, what were you thinking? Seriously!

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