The Long Overdue Report on the Events That Occurred on the Evening of Sempteber 27, 2007

So last week was the first week of us moving our weekly Supper Club to Thursday nights to accommodate our viewing of The Office. To celebrate the season premiere, we had two special desserts. First, in honor of Jim and his elaborate pranks, we made Jello a la Stapler:
Stapler in Jello

While that was cute and funny (and actually pretty tasty), simple Jello does not hold up to our exacting standards for our Supper Club, staplerfied or not. Consequently, we needed a second dessert, a dessert a dessert that tasted like watching girls make out. We needed a dessert that had been discussed in breathless tones since the days of yore. Yes, you guessed it, we were about to commit crimes against God and Man.

Step One: Prepare Carrot Cake
Carrot Cake
As my baking skills are approximately zero, Jen whipped up this tasty and low fat carrot cake. Little did she know, she was providing me with the trigger to a flavor gun.

Step Two: Procure Milk

Step Three: Cube Carrot Cake Into Bowl
Carrot Cake Cubes
These cubes should be of equal size.

Step Four: Pour On The Milk
Making the soup
Very Important. If you miss this step, you will not be eating Carrot Cake Soup. You will be eating Cubes of Carrot Cake from a bowl.

Step Five: Admire Your Handiwork
Carrot Cake Soup
Look at the little chunks of cake. Floating like little pleasure islands like you might see in a magazine.

Step Six: Enjoy

9 thoughts on “The Long Overdue Report on the Events That Occurred on the Evening of Sempteber 27, 2007

  1. Agree with Kenny. I also have read the title of the previous post but will not read it as I have yet to watch the finale. HOWEVER, due to the post title, about Top Chef disappointment, I can only assume that that fucker Hung won.

  2. The only reason why you weren’t invited to Supper Club was because I thought it would be a little to far of a drive for you guys. But you are more than welcome to come, it’s every Thursday night.

  3. My apologies for my lack of spelling skills. Although kudos to me for coming up with the super club concept. I am awesome and oh so modest. Just a side note: the expiration date on your milk was mine and Kenny’s anniversary. HA!

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