A Self-Control Check

I am oddly fascinated by very large families and the Discovery Health Channel provides that window for me to look through. It is not because I would like to have a large family (FAR FROM IT), I am astonished and appalled about the whole thing. When you have children numbering in the double digits, you have a problem. Yes, tonight I watched a show about the Duggar Family and I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing. 14 children plus more to come? (Actually, they are up to 17 now, I must have been watching an old show.) All children names start with the letter “J”? They like doing chores? There is a buddy system? Throughout the show, they talked about their daily lives, how to run a non-chaotic household, etc. The kids are doing the chores around the house, the older children each have a younger sibling or more to take care of, the girls are cooking the meals. Have you noticed that I have not really mentioned the parents at all? That’s because they are too busy procreating to supply more labor for the Duggar household! Come on, do you think that the parents are giving each child the attention he or she needs? Of course not, because they are popping out more children! Where is the screaming, fighting, talking back, arguing, hair pulling, child uprising to protest living/working conditions? Doesn’t that seem odd to you? Not only are the parents not believing in population control, they are producing brain-washed alien babies!

All I can do is shake my head in disbelief. I think I have a neck cramp from all my head-shaking.

I will have to say one positive thing: they sure do have the most organized pantry I had ever seen. I do envy that. And the fact that they can spend $830 to feed this army for a while while Bob and I can spend that much in a snap and there are only two of us.

Oh yeah, I also got a recipe that includes tater tots (Bob loves them) so I’ll will have to try the Duggar Tater Tot Casserole. Of course, I’m going to quarter the recipe so we won’t be eating it for two weeks.

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