Black Friday Roundup

It seems like every year we get up earlier and earlier on Black Friday, that quintessentially American “shopping holiday” that falls on the day after Thanksgiving. This year, we eclipsed our previous records by awaking at 4:30 am to get to Wal-Mart by 5. Kenny and his brother John got there even earlier, mainly because they had specific door busters to snag. Kenny grabbed a TV from Wal-Mart, and John got a bunch of things from Circuit City, including a copy of Super Mario Galaxy for us (thanks John!).

We decided to meet Kenny at Wal-Mart at 5. We got there just a little after, allowing the crowds to swarm in and avoiding a possible trampling situation. We made our way to the main aisle where all the deals were and beheld a truly amazing sight:
Wal Mart Black Friday

A sea of humanity devouring the deals around the electronic department made moving difficult. We finally tracked down Kenny with two TVs and a printer (he ended up returning the smaller of the two TVs — it was just too good of a deal to resist at the time). We left Wal Mart with a SD Memory Card, a paltry take considering the competition.

Next, we went down to Circuit City to make sure John had not succumbed to the crush of shoppers. Thankfully, he was in line with Wii Games for all. While he waited in line, Jen, Kenny and myself traversed the store, snagging DVDs and giving them to John to buy so we didn’t have to wait in line; a great plan for those of you trying this out next year.

After waiting for John to check out, we went down to Target to hit up the DVD deals. We scored The Office Seasons 1 & 2, Ratatouille, 300, The Holiday, and Gilmore Girls Season 6. Jen also got a knee brace! John was able to find The Littlest Pet Shop, which provided us with hours of fascination while we waited to check out.

Next, we split up: Kenny and John went to Michael’s to get some die cutting thingy and a lot of Christmas decorations, while Jen and I went to Office Max to get the hot gift of 2007:

That’s right, the deals even covered basic home office supplies. This shredder is normally $90 but we got it for $29. A shredder hasn’t been reduced that much since Casey Jones flipped the switch on that oversized garbage compactor in TMNT: The Movie.

We bounced over to Michael’s and hung out with Kenny and John while they debated over which decorations to buy. I suggested the Very Headhunter Christmas Tree, but sadly, that didn’t make the cut.
Headhunter Christmas

Finally, we went to Sam’s for the free continental breakfast. Jimmy Dean’s Sausage and Egg Biscuits are hella good. All in all, it was a pretty successful journey.

4 thoughts on “Black Friday Roundup

  1. You guys are out of your freaking minds. We went shopping on Friday, too — at noon — after sleeping in and having a nice big breakfast. My sleep is worth way more than a $29 shredder.

  2. I already have a shredder … of course, the 10 sheet diamondcut shredder is probably WAY better than mine!

  3. Well, it’s at least better than the one I broke trying to destroy all evidence of my employment at AssistGuide.

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