“One Day You’re In, the Next Day You’re Out”

Season premiere of Project Runway was tonight, it was the reality show that started the addiction to Bravo reality shows! What are your guesses, who will win? I like Rami, Kevin or Christian.

6 thoughts on ““One Day You’re In, the Next Day You’re Out”

  1. I agree with two of those, but I have to hate Christian because every single thing he says? Goes up at the end like a question? I wanna smack him.

    Krissy–it’s going to be on 35,000 more times before Wednesday. Or is the Direct TV machine actually broken?

  2. We deleted it, but it’s rerunning today, so I’ll record it and you guys can see it this weekend, assuming you all are coming in.

  3. No. We aren’t coming. I hate turkey. Just kidding, we will be in for the weekend. We did get the TV fixed yesterday though. Just in time to see Dynamo beat the Revolution :(

  4. I did, and it was. I felt a little bad for the Revs, mainly because they have so many St. Louis players and I’m a huge homer, but Dynamo deserved the win. I thought New England was going to score there at the end off that corner.

    I can’t wait for St. Louis to get a team. 2009 (hopefully) can’t get here soon enough.

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