Bob’s Guitar Hero Axe-travaganza

So it turns out that Friday was my 29th birthday. Who knew? In order to ring in the last year of my 20’s with sufficient fun, Jen and I had a bunch of our friends over to play Wii and booze it up a little bit. An added bonus was the fact that my Mom and Dad hooked up Guitar Hero III for the Wii for my birthday and you have all the ingredients for a fun time.

Brandon also has GHIII for the Wii, so he was kind enough to bring his guitar so we could all go head to head with the rocking.

Brandon, Andrew and Beth were head and shoulders above the rest of us, having had the game for several weeks now. While I enjoy it immensely and have taken to it quickly, here is photo proof of me getting destroyed by Beth:

And here’s photo proof of Brandon getting destroyed by Beth:

Unfortunately, we don’t have photo proof of Jen beating Beth, you’ll just have to take our word for it, because it was magical. The logic then went that Jen was better than Brandon, since he’d only been beaten by Beth. That logic was quickly put to the test and confirmed, as Jen wiped the floor with Brandon, claiming her title of Best. Guitar Hero Player. EVAR. She then promptly lost the rematch. Oh well.

The only downside to Guitar Hero is that it’s a two player game, and not a 4 player game. That was remedied by Doug, who graciously brought his Xbox over with a bunch of fun multiplayer games. I had hauled the old TV out of the bedroom and into the kitchen so everyone can have twitchy thumbs at once.

All in all, it was a fun night, and one that will be repeated many times, I expect, in the future. Check out the rest of the photos here, and be prepared, as I have been playing, and I will be up to the challenge shortly.

7 thoughts on “Bob’s Guitar Hero Axe-travaganza

  1. I actually took this opportunity to go shopping while the boys enjoyed their video games. The stores were only open so long, I had to come home some time.

  2. I hate living at the lake. No Wii parties for the lake kids. Anyone want to move here? We could start our own party!! Bob-maybe next time we could bring our Wii and the KONKA!

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