Change, Hopefully for the Better

I’ve been driving the exact same route to and from work for the last three years therefore I know, by heart, the pattern of the stoplight at Ladue and Lindbergh. It’s gotten the the point where I really don’t even pay attention to my light, when the cars start slowing down, I begin my left turn. I’m that good. In the last two weeks, though, I’ve noticed a change to the pattern which is messing with my timing. What do you mean that it’s not my turn to go after the northbound Lindbergh has gone through the intersection? I don’t understand!

Another change: for the past five years, all I have known at the the corner of Ladue and Warson was the faithful stop sign, never failing at clogging up traffic in all four directions. Now, with the new stop light (which was put into use this week), cars have been seamlessly flowing through that intersection. What? No 15 minutes of waiting to go through one stop sign? The city of Ladue just now figured out there needed to be a stoplight there?

This is all in preparation for the ginormous infusion of vehicles on my route due to the 40 shutdown. Damn you 40, why must you do this to me?

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