Christmas Tree Erection

Usually we have the Christmas tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving, but this year we were a little lazy and thrown off by the fact that we still had a full week of November left after Thanksgiving. Finally, we decided that we procrastinated long enough so Bob and I put Love Actually in the DVD player and away we went. Doesn’t it look so pretty?

I know that people really don’t look closely at a Christmas tree so I thought I would highlight some of our ornaments.

Just a little reminder of our cruise to the Western Caribbean and swimming with the sting rays.

You will not be able to find this ornament. It is on the tree but in a place where no person will have to be subjected to it. It is (or was) Bob’s cheetah he created when he was little. The reason why it’s in a plastic bag is because over the years, it has been slowly disintegrating and Bob WON’T GET RID OF IT BECAUSE IT IS SO AWESOME! (Previous sentence edited for clarity — Bob)

One of my favorite ornaments because they are so adorable! Every time I look at it, I just “Awww.”

That’s me, embracing my inner geekiness. I painted that ornament for Bob. On the back, I wrote, “Merry Linux.”

It was Kuma’s first Christmas with us in 2004 and that year I found a baby’s first Christmas ornament in the likeness of a puppy. You know I had to buy it.

Every geek’s fantasy. And it’s on my tree. Sigh.

One thought on “Christmas Tree Erection

  1. Our Christmas tree is up too. The little cat likes to climb about 1/2 way up on the inside and shake off the ornaments. Jason says he’s going to get super soaker to solve this problem.

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