Kuma driven crazy by fake doorbell

So my dad sent me a video of a funny commercial with a cute dog today, I’ll replay it here:

If you watch it, you will notice that it starts off with the sound of a doorbell. Upon hearing that doorbell for the first time, Kuma sprints to her window in the living room, barking and tail wagging like there must be someone at the door. When she looks out, she sees the neighborhood German Shepherd being walked, which amps her up even another notch. She sprints into the office and puts her paws up on the windowsill, barking out the front window:
Kuma, barking out window

So, this is a new thing for her, it’s kind of cute. She’s put her paws up a couple times since then, and she’s fallen for the doorbell sound in the video every time. The funniest thing is this: we don’t have a doorbell. She must have picked up that sound while staying at the Grandparents’ house. Either that, or a crazed reaction to a doorbell is ingrained in dogs.

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