Saturday night we had a little get together to support the Mizzou Tigers in their journey to the Championships, but alas, it was destined to end that night. Although the game was disappointing, we all had a good time hanging out and visiting with one another. We had Matt, Amanda, Paul, Doug, Brandon, Kim, Katie, Bob and me contribute some goodies to eat while we watched the game so I pretty much hung around the food table and ate all night. And because Kuma was such an adorable begger, she got to eat a whole bunch of new foods like pigs-in-a-blanket, tortilla chips, biscuits, cheese popcorn. Our friends enjoyed feeding her all these treats because they thought we were depriving her of all the good things in life. Whatever was on the table that fell to the ground or handed to her, she gobbled right up. She was in doggie heaven.

After the game, there was an impromptu poker game the guys participated in and us girls sat around and played Mario Party on the Wii. (We introduced Katie to the awesomeness of the Wii and now she is obsessed!) And then, somehow, Scrabble came up and Bob, Katie, Paul and Doug ended up playing two rounds. I bowed out of that because I hate playing Scrabble (and Monopoly) with Bob. Now, after those two rounds, the other three won’t be playing Scrabble with him anymore either.

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