Same Name, Two Different Reasons

I met a girl last night whose boyfriend just got a new puppy named: KUMA! I couldn’t believe it. We were all talking about dogs and she mentioned that her boyfriend just got a new American Bulldog puppy named Kuma. I did a double-take and asked her to repeat that and I told her that our dogs had the same name. How he named his dog: they went on the Internet to try and find names that would aptly fit a dog of that size and stature (stocky, strong, up to 125 pounds) and liked Kuma as a name. How we named our dog: Bob and I used to play Tekken when we were dating and there was this character on the video game that was a big bear named Kuma. We always thought that would be a good name for a dog and said that when we got our first dog, we would name him/her that. It was later on that we found out that Kuma=bear. Their method, boring. Our method, dorky. Either way, it was exciting to find someone else whose dog had the same name.

2 thoughts on “Same Name, Two Different Reasons

  1. Happy New Year to you all and Kuma too! Say, Staci and I are planning a shopping day sometime coming up in the near future in St. Louis. Would you like to meet up with us somewhere and catch up on things or just hang out and have lunch together? Let me know as soon as you can and I will sure send you more info when Staci has the day picked. So far I know it will not be this weekend so rest up!!!

  2. Ok, Staci has picked a weekend. Here are the plans. We will drive down to St. Louis on Friday night (18th) and stay over night in a hotel somewhere. We can all go out Friday night for a girls night out if you do not already have plans????? Just let me know. Saturday we thought we would do some shopping, also we would LOVE for you to join us if you haven’t committed to doing something else. :) Hope to hear from you soon.


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