Of Course We Went to Disney World!

When one goes to Orlando, one must visit Disney World, a wonderland that encompasses a vast portion of central Florida. Sure, I knew about Disney World, I’ve been there once but I didn’t really grasp the size of it until we went down there. Disney World is actually made of four parks (which you have to pay for individually, boo) so Bob and I only went to the Magic Kingdom, you know, the park that has Cinderella’s castle, the one which everyone thinks of when you say Disney World. Since Bob had never been (he was deprived as a child), we went with Kenny and Krissy, our official tour guides. They knew the ins and outs of what to do, which rides to go on, how the Fast Passes work, etc. Because they knew the way around the park, we didn’t waste any time wandering around aimlessly. As soon as we walked in, we headed directly to Space Mountain to get our Fast Pass. When we arrived, there was not a huge line so we got on right away. I’m not a roller coaster fan but that doesn’t mean I won’t ride them. I guess when you’re 12, Space Mountain seemed a bit scarier but it was still a lot of fun. There is something about not being able to see anything that freaks you out a bit.

Other rides that we did:

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad: It was another roller coaster, think Mine Train at Six Flags, but bigger.

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin: This ride was like a huge arcade game. You get into a space cruiser that spins 360 degrees. As you ride along, you shoot targets with your laser gun and try to get as many points possible. Kenny consistently walloped us, he probably got more points than the rest of us added together, he’s that good. I was only able to reach 100,000 points once (we rode it four times). I know, Kim, I’ve disappointed you.

Haunted Mansion: I sort of remember this ride from the last time I was here (15 years ago) and it’s still as good as I remembered it, actually, even better. My favorite scenes are the murderous wife portraits and the dining room.

It’s a Small World: Of course you had to ride this one, it’s a classic.

Jungle Cruise: I didn’t really know what this one was all about until the tour guide started talking. Ah, you’re there to watch his act. He was pretty entertaining, very energetic and had these awesome puns. Bob fell in love with his punning skills.

Mad Tea Party: There was no line and it’s a classic ride that you see on the commercials. Had to do it, even though spinning rides are DEFINITELY not my thing. I spent most of the ride with my face in my hands, willing myself not to vomit. And I didn’t.

Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: A cute ride through scenes with Winnie & Friends.

Mickey’s PhilharMagic: LOVED this show! It’s 3D and then some! Not only do things pop out at you, you can actually feel and smell also! It was awesome! Example – when the champagne corks popped out, they popped out at you and you felt it whoosh because they blasted air at you as well. It was crazy.

Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor: This was an interactive show with the characters from Monster’s Inc. They aren’t in costumes, they are actually animated. They would put a spotlight on members of the audience and ask them questions. You can also text jokes in and they may be performed if accepted. Pretty neat.

Peter Pan’s Flight: You fly above scenery from Peter Pan. Cute, classic. We actually had to stand in line the longest for this ride, about 1/2 an hour.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The movies were based on this ride. Since the movies became such huge hits, Disney had to incorporate Jack Sparrow in the ride so he’s there, in three different scenes.

Snow White’s Scary Adventure: A boat ride through the different scenes of Snow White. Man, that witch is scary!

Stitch’s Great Escape: This was another sensory show. You are sitting in a chair watching keeping an eye on Stitch but he escapes and runs around the lab. Things are crashing around you and he even burps a chili dog. Wow, that was stinky.

And who must you visit when you’re at Disney World? Mickey, of course!

We also sought out Donald Duck for a photo with him and our Donald medals.

Our wonderful day ended with Disney’s famous fireworks.

Bob and I went into the park just expecting a cutsey time, with Disney characters and kiddie rides. We did not expect it to love it so much. We were just blown away with the amount of detail and heart that went into this “world.” Plus the technology was impressive. The Sherrons have become converts and will be visiting Disney World in the future.

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  1. Yay for the Sherrons finally starting to love Disney World!! I suppose we are the guilty party for causing the conversion, but that’s okay, now we have partners in crime!

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