The Disney Marathon

This is how much we love and support our friends. After getting up at 3:30 on Saturday to run the 1/2 marathon, we all got up again Sunday morning at 3:30 to watch Kenny and Will run the marathon. Yep, you read that right, Kenny ran the marathon as well. What he entered was called the “Goofy Challenge” and it definitely lived up to that name. When we said our good-byes to Kenny and Will, we all trekked to the first viewing area where we could see the runners at the 0 mile marker and 4 mile marker. From where we stood, we could see the fireworks go off, signaling the beginning of the race.

It was crazy, seeing all the people running on two separate stretches of highways in the beginning. As we stood there, five pairs of eyes scanned the crowds, trying to get a glimpse of Will and Kenny. When we were about to give up, we finally saw Will run by. We then gave up on looking for Kenny, we thought we may have missed him. So, we all then took the Monorail over to the Polynesian and the 12 mile marker. Patience paid off. We were able to see both Will and Kenny this time around.

After that, we just went to the end of the route to wait. First came Will, running by us, not hearing us cheer for him. About an hour later, we saw Kenny and screamed out his name. He actually heard us and gave us a little wave. In the end, Will finished in 3:25 (it took him less time to run the marathon than Bob did running the 1/2 marathon) and Kenny in 4:30.

Congratulations, you guys! You did awesome!

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  1. I like that Will runs by the 12 mile viewing with a smile and I run by looking like I’m in tremendous pain. Thanks for all the support.

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