Wednesday Night Supper Club

I’ve been involved in a “supper club” for over a year now and I don’t think I’ve ever really talked about it on the blog. Well, it started off with Monika and me finding yummy recipes to make once a week. Well, soon we added Kim to the mix and were gathering over at my house making an entire dinner together. Sadly, Monika soon found a job and jetted off to California. Kim and I kept it going though, we weren’t going to miss out on good food. Katie joined us later and so now we meet on Wednesday nights for some cooking, Wii playing or movie watching (it used to be TV watching, then the strike came). If you’re wondering where Bob is, oh, don’t worry, we are not starving him. We are feeding him the fruits of our labor. Okay, so he does help sometimes, usually when I don’t want to cook the meat. Last night we were all talking and saying that we needed a way to share our recipes with one another and came up with me posting on the blog. (We actually thought of having Bob create a website for us until we realized, “Duh, there’s already a website, Cracker and Cheese.”) Here’s to the first Supper Club meal of 2008!

Entree: Moroccan Chicken with Fruit and Olive Topping This dish was so simple, you just cooked the chicken and top it with the fruit. The fruit topping gave the chicken a slight sweet taste which worked out well. I also used rice pilaf instead of couscous and used the tropical fruit blend as my dried fruit. I thought it would be more fitting, since Morocco is tropical and all.

Side Dish: Moroccan Carrot Salad Katie is always conscientious on what side to bring so that it will go well with the entree. This was a great cooked carrot salad, tossed in olive oil and spices.

Dessert: Chocolate Shortcakes with Bananas and Caramel Way to pick a recipe based on the picture, Kim. You would think that this dessert would be heavy, but it wasn’t. It was tasty without being too sweet. Kim does suggest dicing the bananas next time and folding them into the whip cream.

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