And that’s why they make old ladies have car insurance.

So today, we got into a fender bender. Don’t worry, we’re all OK, and Kuma (who was with us) didn’t even notice, as we were going probably 12 mph at the time. Here’s the deal: We were making a left from Schuetz onto Westbound Page and we were in the right lane, which is a turn-or-straight lane. This old lady (and I mean old — this broad looked like the Crypt Keeper) was in the middle lane, which is left-turn only and decided to go straight, running right into me. Of course, she didn’t realize that the intersection had been altered probably 8 months ago; while a year ago, she could go straight from that lane, she was in a turn only lane.

When I got out to inspect the damage and trade insurance cards, she made it known that she thought I was at fault. I told her it would be a good idea to just call the police and get this all sorted out. You just can’t reason with old people. The police came and took our statements and the statement of a guy who stopped to give a witness account (He was correct in relaying what he saw, but he wasn’t exactly clear on how the intersection worked either. Still, it was cool that he stayed.) and got everything squared away. The cops found the old lady at fault and sent us on our way. Just another hassle in my life.

2 thoughts on “And that’s why they make old ladies have car insurance.

  1. Smart to get the cops involved because she probably ended up getting a ticket since they had to show up at the accident.

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