D-d-d-d-demo ball!

If I stutter, it’s from the sheer awesomeness of Demolition Ball. For those who don’t know, it’s the only sport I know of that combines bumper cars, basketball, lacrosse and drinking, and it’s one of the things on my unsurprisingly short list titled “Things in St. Charles That Do Not Suck”.

About a month ago, Brandon got the idea that we should all go to do it, and we all agreed, set the date and then managed to all show up pretty much on time (imagine that). Turns out, Brandon had a great idea and we all had a great time, even though the Red Team (booooo) won all four games. Most of the games were close, and the last one even went to sudden death overtime. I tell you, the tension was downright palpable.

The best part about Demo Ball though, is not the precision passing and the clutch scoring. It is the driving around in bumper cars and ramming people. It’s especially humorous when you consider the size disparity among those playing. You know how in Mario Kart Battle Mode where Bowser or Wario would ram Toad and he’d lose a balloon? Yeah, it’s like that, with Brandon sending Jen flying, almost out of her car, and me taking aim at Amanda and Andrew. Of course, there was the uberviolent Clash Of The Titans when Brandon and I ran into each other head on at full strength. I even put a little extra oomph into that one. The only downside to all this fun was that some of the ladies (the “Toads”, if you will) got a little jostled around and ended up with some battle scars. Here’s one of Jen’s:

But once I told her to suck it up and quit crying, it was all good.

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2 thoughts on “D-d-d-d-demo ball!

  1. That picture of my bruise does not accurately represent the ugliness of it. It is way worse when you see it in person.

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