Meat meat meat meat, meat meat meat meat.

(Snap out of it!)

OK, so tonight we went to Bacana, a Brazilian meat-on-a-stick joint in Chesterfield as my reward for winning the first half bet with the bowling team and the evening was meaty. For those who don’t know, waiters come around to the table with meat on large skewers and cut of hunks for you while you sit there and bask in the meatiness of it all. The highlight was the beef tenderloin, but we also enjoyed the filet, garlic filet, top sirloin, pork tenderloin, sausage, chicken wings, bacon-wrapped chicken, shrimp, lamb, and block steak.

All in all, it was a meaty evening.

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4 thoughts on “MEAT

  1. Is it just like Sal e Carvao? And BTW, thanks for rubbing the meat in my face since I’m Catholic and you went on a Friday. . . a-hole! ;)

  2. Krissy,

    Yeah, it’s pretty much just like Sal e Carvao. And as far as going to a meat joint on the first Friday of Lent? Absolutely the perfect plan. It was less crowded, which means more meat for us! Yum!

  3. Are you going to fish-fry-it-up for lent his year back in North County? Sadly, I will not be able to partake due to the distance between us. :(

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