Supper Club: February 6, 2008

This week was a little different for the Supper Club. First of all, Katie was out of town on business so Bob, Kim and I were thrilled that we could make a seafood dish. Then I found out that Monika was going to be in town and there went that seafood idea. Yesterday happened to be also Ash Wednesday so no meat for the Catholics. And then, Kim decided that she was giving up chocolate for Lent (crazy woman). So, even though we had some dietary restrictions, I still think everything turned out great.

Appetizer/Side Dish: Truffled Asparagus Crostini Apparently there was an asparagus shortage that we all didn’t know about because Kim had quite a bit of trouble finding it. First off, no fresh asparagus (probably not in season, so understandable), then she tried the frozen section. None. Could not find any. She finally resorted to canned asparagus. Even with the canned asparagus, it was tasty, a bit mushy, but still tasty. This will definitely have to be made again during asparagus season so we can get some fresh ones.

Entree: Garden Lasagna I thought this was a wonderful vegetarian lasagna dish that had more than just ricotta cheese stuffed in it. It had a variety of vegetables and it was really light, I didn’t feel overly full after eating it like I do with I eat regular lasagna. There wasn’t a lot of cheese in it so I added extra mozzarella on the top for the cheese lovers.

Dessert: Angel Lush Even though the wrong kind of Jello pudding was purchased, this was still a good dessert. We just modified the recipe to suit our needs. Who needs to have it all set up and pretty like a cake? Just cut the cake into chunks. Who needs to refrigerate for at least an hour? Just add more whip cream and drizzle over the cake chunks. Light and airy (I love angel food cake), a perfect dessert for the summer.

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