The Heat is ON!

Woo-hoo! You will not find our bodies encased in ice because we have a new heater/AC unit! When I woke up this morning, it was 42 degrees in the house and when I came home this afternoon, it was 62 degrees! Major improvement. This means that Kuma can soon be rid of her hoodie, she’s been wearing it for two straight days.

I was honestly hoping the heater/AC unit would last until we sold the house and have the next homeowners deal with it but unfortunately, it did not have the same plans as me. Well, I guess there’s another selling point for the house.

2 thoughts on “The Heat is ON!

  1. Unfortunately, we won’t. Apparently these combo units are not energy efficient because they are commercial units and are not being pressured to have the Energy Star seal of approval. Such a shame.

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