FPC Trivia Night Recap

Tonight the trivia dream team (Jen, Bob, Kim, Katie, and Bob’s Parents) reconvened at Florissant Presbyterian Church for the Youth Group Trivia Night. We had won the previous two Trivia Nights we were at, so expectations were high, and they installed us at Table #1, instead of our usual Table #11. Unfortunately, a group of ringers, including 3 schoolteachers, were seated at #11. This would prove to be quite the challenge.

The categories were diverse and had a nice mix of truly challenging trivia and some that could be deduced, to a certain extent. We had 4 perfect 10’s in the following categories:

  • Funny Bones – Comic Strips
  • Am I Blue? – The word “blue” is in the answer
  • X-Ray Vision – Where are the bones located in the body
  • Video Arcade – Name the pictured Super Mario Brother characters

Some of the other categories were:

  • Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Fictional Mountains
  • 4 Pieces of the Puzzle – Name the state after learning the flag, nickname, bird, and flower
  • Rock-a-bye Baby – What do you call these baby animals
  • Sing, Sing a Song – Name the group singing the songs with women’s names in the title
  • Sport Glossary – Define the sports terms

After these categories, we were down to the last, only one point behind the table of ringers, Table #11. We had started off poorly with the fake mountains and clawed our way back near the top with a strong showing in the Mario category. The final category was Alphabet 101, where you see a picture of a keyboard and say which key is marked. Incredibly, as I stare at a keyboard all goddamn day, we didn’t sweep the category, getting 8 points. Table #11 also scored 8 to lock up the win by one point.

So while we didn’t win, we had a fun time for sure. The highlight of the night was during the baby animal category. We were asked to give the name of a baby gorilla. We had no idea on that one (and many others) and just to make sure we didn’t have any blanks, Kim put “baby”. Then, she thought better of it and put “infant” instead, reasoning that gorillas and humans were close enough. Turns out the name for a baby gorilla is… INFANT! Even Mrs. Gentry, the moderator, called us out for trying to be funny, and yet lucking into the answer. I think we were the only table to get that right.

And we ate well too! Kim brought her hot wing dip and ring pops. Katie made some wonton-like fingerfoods and brought jelly beans. We whipped up some pizza rolls and got a gooey butter birthday cake for my parents’ birthdays (Dad’s was today, Mom’s the past Sunday). My parents brought a veggie tray and some fruit and M&Ms. So we drowned our disappointing second place finish in a mountain of food. Thankfully, we’ll have the chance to make up for it soon enough.

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