What Is Your Bracketology?

This is the first year that I will be participating in a bracket and I’m super pumped. Now I understand why people watch so much basketball during March Madness: they want to win the big pot! My bracketology? It’s a very complicated process, I don’t know if I can accurately explain it to you without confusing you but here it goes: I went with the best logo. Okay, so it wasn’t that complicated. Actually, if I didn’t really have a strong opinion, I would go for the best logo. Let the best team win! Go Marquette!

Here are our brackets.

2 thoughts on “What Is Your Bracketology?

  1. Hey Bob,
    Nice site. (I found it through Linked-In). Congrats on doing the 1/2 marathon. ;-)

  2. That’s okay Jen your method is much better than mine. I either go based on team colors I like better or whichever team has the most cute guys.

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