A Chilly Victory

Tonight, Paul, Kim, and Katie met up with Jen and I to take in a half-price Cardinals game, thanks to a promotional email that Kim received yesterday. On the spur of the moment, we grabbed some cheap tickets, but still behind home plate. Here’s the view:

Not bad, eh?

The game was an awesome one, we won 7-2, and Skip Schumaker played a hell of a game. On top of that, we are lucky to cross off two of our items on the STL101 adventure:

#85 – One of Gus’ Pretzels, if not outside Busch Stadium then on one of the city streets (try Jamieson just south of I-44).

I gotta say, it was definitely a pretzel. Not bad at all, just probably not in the top 101 Things I Gotta Do.

#64 – The Cards take on the Cubs at Busch Stadium. If you don’t have your tickets already, you’ll probably pay an arm and a leg from a scalper, but you’ve got time to save up for our biggest rival’s second trip to town over the Fourth of July weekend.

OK, so technically it wasn’t a Cubs / Cards game, but I’m way too cheap to pay scalpers, plus, the chance of having to sit next to some asshole is greatly reduced when the Cubs aren’t in town.

All in all, a successful evening. Good work on the coupon, Kim (and good eye on the pretzels, too!).

9 thoughts on “A Chilly Victory

  1. Tough shit. It’s my list. I’ve been to a Cards / Cubs game before and I had to pay 60 to sit in the outfield with a bunch of Cubs fans. It sucked.

  2. I would say so. In fact, I hope that the pretzels are better at the store. They were not exactly spectacular when bought from the vendor on the street. I really feel like I’m missing the part of the experience that put the stupid pretzel on the list in the first place.

  3. They’re just pretzels. I didn’t think it was anything that impressive. You can cross off whatever you want, but you said you were going to do everything in a year. You’re cheating.

  4. Yeah, because I’m going to win some sort of award or something for completing it all. You can only cheat when someone stands to win or lose. This is just an adventure. I’m pretty sure we’re not going to Six Flags or Raging Rivers either. That’s the nice thing about making your own rules.

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