We just got the May issue of St. Louis Magazine and right on the front cover was “101 Things Every St. Louisan Must Do.” To me, that sounded like a challenge and I knew that Bob would be totally into it because you know how much he LOVES St. Louis.

After flipping though the article, I come to find out that I had already done quite a few of the things listed but for this challenge, we are starting with a clean slate. That means, we will be revisiting Casa Loma Ballroom (geez!), the City Museum (wheee!) and the Anheuser-Busch Tour (if you’re nice to me, I’ll give you my free beer), just to name a few. It will be fun, it will be fabulous, it will be food for the brain. If you love St. Louis or you just love our company, come join us on this fantastic voyage and discover (or rediscover) the many splendid things this city has to offer.

So, stay tuned for future posts as we document our adventures in the Gateway City.

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5 thoughts on “Challenge!

  1. You should post the list and then cross items off as you complete them. Did you give yourself a time limit for this challenge?

  2. We are going to give ourselves one year to complete this. I was too lazy to post the entire list, but I will have summary posts along the way.

  3. Apparently I am only 23% St. Louisan. Seems like 51 and 52 reminds me of our pre teen years….. I may be in town sometime in late June. Are you going to be around?

    Pretty cool list!

  4. I must be a part of the City Museum trip. Remember when I fell in the skate ramp and they almost had to call the ambulance because I was unconscious. . . awesome. Needless to say, I will go but I will not be in the skate park races anymore.

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