A St. Louis Must

94. A Ted Drewes Terramizzou concrete or Sin Sunday (we won’t tell the archbishop) while the sun welds the backs of your thighs to the trunk of your car. Choose the Route 66 location, and make sure you back in to the parking spot. Summer’s the essential trip—although there’s a certain frisson in buying your Christmas tree there while snow’s falling and you’re sucking down a mint-chip concrete.

A few weeks back, Brandon had an out-of-town guest come and visit and of course, he showed her the sights and sounds of St. Louis. We happened to be there when he suggested a trip down to Ted Drewe’s because Becky could not leave without having the famous concrete. Hell yes! Have we ever passed up an opportunity for yummy custard? Um, that would be a no. And yes, that is exactly how I look when I eat ice cream.

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