Good Effort

When we quit our gym a while back, I went out and bought a balance ball so we could work out at home instead of spending $60 a month. That was about four months ago and the only times I’ve brought it out was to terrorize the dog with it. Finally, last night I got out the balance ball and popped in the DVD that it came with and decided to try the 20 minute lower body workout. Yeah, couldn’t even make it through the workout. I mean, I was winded after the warm-up routine! Sad, I know. I wonder, though, if starting my workout at 10:30 at night had something to do with my commitment. So many variables…nah, it’s just my laziness.

2 thoughts on “Good Effort

  1. what is that thing REALLY called? I’ve heard swiss ball, exercise ball, and now you throw out balance ball. also, we could go with “birthing ball” which is what my childbirth class calls it — same one i used for sit-ups i will be using in labor. weird.

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