St. Louis Brewers Heritage Festival 2008!

We had been preparing for this weekend for many months. May 10th marked the Second Annual St. Louis Brewers Heritage Festival at Forest Park. Last year’s event was quite a good time and we were looking forward to the second one for an entire year.

Unfortunately, the weather did not have this date marked on its calendar. It had been raining all week here in lovely St. Louis, and that pattern continued through the weekend. Fortunately, they had tents out and mulch down to keep the revelers covered and out of the mud, for the most part. It was raining very hard for a good chunk of the evening, but right before the beer was set to flow, the rain stopped and out came a rainbow:

A good sign to be sure! We made our way through the tents, sampling the beers and buying dinner at the food tent for our sober drivers – Jen and Beth. Katie came along for the fun, but didn’t partake in the beer. The beers were great, and while we didn’t stay as late as we did last year (mostly due to the weather and crowds), we had a good time!

In addition, we have determined that this qualifies for the STL101 project:

17. Pick at least one ritual of your own in this festival-rich city: Mardi Gras in Soulard, the St. Paddy’s Day Parade in Dogtown, Fair St. Louis, one of the Greek festivals, the Festival of Nations, the Polish Festival at the Polish Falcons Gardens, the French festivals in Ste. Genevieve, the Thanksgiving Day Parade downtown…

So that’s one more checked off the list!

Click here to view the whole set on Flickr.

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