Tegan and Sara Are Poppy, Fun

Tonight, Kim, Katie, Kate, Jen and I went to The Pageant to see Tegan and Sara, the Poppy, Canadian, Lesbian Twin Singer-Songwriters. Their songs are short, punchy, pop masterpieces and their between song banter gave the evening a cozy, friendly vibe. Most humorously, the two sisters bickered back and forth like sisters would, even to the point where Tegan coerced Sara to continue a song that was interrupted by a burst of feedback. Tegan refused to quit and start over, saying that it was like riding a bike, they couldn’t stop pedaling now.

The crowd was composed mostly of skinny, flatchested girls and their even skinnier boyfriends. I swear, you couldn’t throw a mascara brush without hitting someone wearing girly jeans, Chuck Taylors and an asymmetrical hairdo. And the texting — what’s up with that? Can’t you kids go to a rock and roll show without thumbing away at your portable electronics for two hours? The girls in front of us took about 30 pictures of the “hold your arm out and point the camera back at us” variety. After the first 20, I was tempted to take their camera and give them a picture with all three of them in the frame, as they were clearly incapable of doing it themselves. Fortunately, my laziness won out, and now all I can do is bitch about it on my blog. That’ll show those whippersnappers!

The opening band was an Australian two piece with the difficult name of An Horse. They were really great tonight, and I can definitely see why they are touring with Tegan and Sara, as their sound complemented the headliners’ well.

Perhaps the only downside to a band making tight, short pop songs is that the sets are just as short. Minor complaints aside, the evening was a success and I would definitely recommend seeing Tegan and Sara live. Especially if you like flatchested girls.

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