This Little Piggie Went to Market

83. Produce at Soulard Farmers Market. Or a lovely beef tongue. Or—who can really say? The spectacle of the market’s 100-plus stands always supersedes the shopping; in its hustle and bustle, its glorious swirl of humanity, Soulard ranks as St. Louis’ closest approximation to a Middle Eastern bazaar.

Saturday morning, Bob and I got up early to visit Soulard Market because we are trying something new. We are going to try and buy our produce from the local markets to save some money and to support our local farmers/small business owners. It had been quite a while since I’ve been to Soulard and I had forgot how crowded it was. There are so many vendors selling their produce, it’s a bit overwhelming. I’m not very good at picking out the best produce or best prices so it was a daunting task. We ended up buying a week’s worth of fruits and vegetables for about $10 and some local goat cheese to try. It was pretty fun and next time, we’ll make sure to get there earlier so we can have more time to wander.

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