Our Trip to Kansas City

Sunday, Jen, Katie, Kim, Brandon, Paul, and I piled into Brandon’s Dad’s Trailblazer and set off for Kansas City to watch the Cards play the Royals. We met up with Kenny and Krissy in Columbia, Kim’s friend Karen outside of KC, and Matt and Amanda at the stadium to complete our group.

Kim had found a deal where we got a ticket, a hot dog, and a soda for $14. Not too shabby, especially when you consider the view from our seats:

The weather was perfect for baseball (even though some of us got a little too much sun) and the Cardinals played well, winning the game 9-6 behind Jason LaRue’s 4 RBI and Pujols’ 2 run homer. Skip Schumaker also played well, stifling an early Royal rally with a bullet to home that beat the runner and the impending collision.

It was the first time I’d been to a regular season Cardinals’ game outside of St. Louis, so it was neat to see how it’s done at other stadiums. Kauffman Stadium in KC is actually a pretty cool place to see a game. In fact, the local residents weren’t even that much of a problem, since at least 50% were Cards fans. One thing Kauffman definitely has going for it is the huge HD scoreboard in center field:

After the game, we managed to file out of the stadium (all the Cards fans stayed to the end, natch) and head down to the world renowned Arthur Bryant’s for dinner.

While the line was long, the food was excellent. I had the classic combo of Beef and Fries:

Bellies full, Brandon shuttled us back to St. Louis in record time. It was a good time for all. Thanks for driving, Brandon!

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3 thoughts on “Our Trip to Kansas City

  1. To each their own, gentlemen. I had the pulled pork last time I was there and the beef this time. It’s definitely a shame about your fries being cold though. The only thing worse than cold fries is completely unsalted fries.

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