Supper Club: June 4, 2008

Welcome back, Katie! I’m sure you would rather be in the Mediterranean than here in St. Louis but we’re happy that you’re back. And Monika! The co-founder of Supper Club has returned for three months! Yeah! She doesn’t have to live vicariously through the photos, she will actually be able to eat the beautiful food that we all make.

Entree: Chile-Rubbed Steak with Corn and Red Pepper Relish This was a great steak dish that Bob grilled perfectly. Just look at the color on that steak. Katie used petite medallions instead of beef tenderloin steaks and it worked out wonderfully. And with the corn relish on the side, it was such a light summer entree.

Side Dishes: Light Caesar Salad and Green Beans with Red Pepper and Garlic I added a yellow bell pepper to the green bean dish to bulk it up a bit and get us our vegetables for the day. If you want green beans with a kick, then this is your dish. I thought it was pretty good, I may have to tame the red pepper flakes, though. And adding extra bell peppers in gave the dish some color and pop.

Dessert: Double Chocolate Brownies There is something absolutely amazing about these brownies: they are only 88 calories! And they don’t taste like cardboard! You still have the richness of the brownie and the amazing chocolate taste without all the calories and fat! Holy crap! This is going to be my dessert whenever I’m craving chocolate.

One thought on “Supper Club: June 4, 2008

  1. Guess what I had for breakfast this morning? 88 calories worth of DELISHUSS! And that picture is yummified. Look how shiny & melty the chips look… Doesn’t look like poop at all.

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