Supper Club: May 28, 2008

Okay, Kim kicks ass! You want to know why? She loves us enough to buy scallops to make for dinner! And not just any scallops, they were the fresh, large ones. Whoo-wee, Kim, you’re the best!

Entree: Sauteed Scallops with Lobster, Vanilla and Lemon Sauce Slight substitution: imitation lobster. It was in the sauce so it was no big deal and did not deter from the dish at all. The scallops were so good!

Side Dish: Sour Cream Chive Potatoes This recipe was included with the scallops. Well, there was a slight over-beating of the potatoes so it came out a bit too smooth. The taste was there, just not the texture. But it doesn’t mean it won’t be used again, we will know better next time.

Dessert: Apple-Cinnamon Coffeecake This is such a great coffeecake. Apparently I love this dessert that I made it twice! And got the same reactions of how good it is. The only difference is that I finally bought myself a pastry blender.

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