The Producers at the Muny

Bob and I very much enjoy going to the Muny each year, especially with the seats that Bob’s family owns. I can never go back to sitting the the cheap, cheap seats again. Last weekend, we got to see the closing show of the Producers. Originally, we were not going to see the show, but Sunday morning, Bob’s uncle called and said that he and his wife were unable to make it and if we were interested. Heck yea! Of course, we offered them to Kate first because it was her birthday but she said no so it was her loss and our gain!

Now, I’ve seen the Producers quite a few times already, both movie and stage and it never ceases to make me laugh. I do forget how raunchy the show is and enjoy watching all the little old ladies around us with their shocked expressions. There were a couple of rainstorms that occurred that night but came at the perfect moments: the rain let up right before the show started and the rain started up again as soon as the show stopped for intermission. We were still able to finish the performance but we did lose some audience members because of the thunderstorm. Didn’t they know that if you don’t like the weather in St. Louis, just wait 15 minutes?

It is a St. Louis experience that must not be missed. It even says so on the List .

72. A musical at the Muny. Pack a picnic, take a blanket, go to the north entrance and get in the mood. If you’re opting for the cheap seats, get there early and make friends in line—it’s a community unto itself. Just be sure to bring your binoculars. If you’re buying, try for the middle of Terrace A. You have to be born or marry into those seats in the pit, and quite honestly, they’re too close and too low to see well.

And since I married into the seats in the pit, I will tell you, they are not too low! They are awesome!

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