Visiting the Lake House

This past weekend we took Krissy and Kenny’s “open house” offer and trekked down there for a visit. Yes, we like to say that we have a vacation house at the Lake even though it really is the Marcantels’ place. Eh, minor details. We got to get out on the Lake, go swimming (I passed on that, I’m a big baby about cold water), and check out some humongous homes (some were even for sale, anyone got $2 million handy?). I even got the chance to drive the boat through the Grand Glaize Arm and I was absolutely terrified. Here’s the thing, boats are coming from all over the place and there are no “lanes” for them to be in. So, it’s pretty much an anything goes type of situation. It wasn’t like I was driving with any speed, I was idling for goodness sakes, but still. Krissy did tell me that they don’t want to hit us as much as we don’t want to hit them so they’ll move out of the way and Kenny says to try and stay to the right of the boats. Once I got the hang of it, it was kind of fun but I won’t be driving the boat with any sort of speed anytime soon. It really is a lot of fun being out on the boat, just hanging out, eating, drinking and swimming.

Thanks for having us guys, you are such fantastic hosts and your landscaping is amazing!

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