You Know You’re At Northwest Plaza When…

A. You see three young men, handcuffed behind their backs, escorted off the premise by four burly police officers.

B. Macy’s doesn’t sell swimwear at that location.

C. You would rather drive around the mall instead of walking through it to get to the stores.

D. Dillards has now become the Clearance Center a.k.a. the place to send the shit that doesn’t sell.

That mall has become so terribly depressing. There is no reason to go there, absolutely none.

7 thoughts on “You Know You’re At Northwest Plaza When…

  1. Do you remember back in the day when we had tennis Tuesdays and I forgot my tennis shoes and we tried to go there to buy new ones. And none of the stores sold and normal pairs of women’s tennis shoes. That was when I decided I never wanted to go there again. Although Steve & Barry’s can be interesting, but I get scared at that mall.

  2. That was definitely an interesting adventure running through the mall looking for tennis shoes. Who would have thought it would have been that difficult to find a pair?

  3. Hey! I used to work there! Remember? :) AFTER, I started there, I realized how bad it was/is. Yeah, those were the good times.

  4. Back in grade school, Tilt was the place to go for mini golf. They sell gym shoes for show not for working out. I bet there are a lot of stores selling baseball caps and cell phones…

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