Bridal Shower, Sort Of

Friday night, a group of us got together at Momos for dinner to catch up with Christine before her second (yes, that’s right, second) wedding ceremony and reception on Sunday. Momos is a Greek tapas restaurant that is located down on Delmar. This was my first experience and I do have to say, I enjoyed every delicious bite of food! There were 6 of us who each ordered between 1-2 dishes for the table to share and the price ended up being about $23 person. Not too shabby for all that we ordered. I’m thinking Bob will be heading back so he can see more of this:

After dinner, Monika and I gave Christine her bridal shower gift and we were not shy. Some of the gifts were:

And this:

And of course, this:

Brad, you will have to thank Monika and me for stocking Christine up with the essentials for a very memorable honeymoon! Congratulations!

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