Katie’s Backyard BBQ and Fireworks Display

Saturday, Katie had us all over to her condo for a cookout, party games and swimming as a prelude to the Fair St. Louis Fireworks show, as mentioned on The List:

29. Find your favorite place to watch the riverfront fireworks—whether it’s the Barnes-Jewish crosswalk, SLU’s quadrangle, the spinning top of the Millennium Hotel or a wooded hill in the park, just off the globe-lit path to the fairgrounds, between trees in the moonlight.

The party started around 2pm, with everyone contributing side dishes to complement Katie’s awesome pulled pork and special potato salad. The spread was impressive:

We snacked a bit before dinner, got some drinks and headed to the backyard where a variety of games were available for us. Washers and Ladder Golf were big hits:

After dinner, we gathered everyone for a game of Wiffle Ball. Team Peimann beat Team Sherron 4-1, but it did provide a number of great moments:
Jen at the dish:

Katie showing off a keen batting eye:

Monika getting smoked in the face:

Jen forgetting you don’t have to run in Wiffle Ball:

The Whiff:

After the game, we hung out and snacked some more and undertook a variety of activities. Katie and I went swimming. Doug and Haley showed up and had some food and fun. Washers and Ladder Golf were enjoyed by all.

Around 8pm, we packed up and headed downtown to watch the fireworks. Since Paul got to park at AT&T, we met up at Keiner Plaza:

Then we walked down to the Arch Grounds to await the fireworks:

Oooh, Aaaaah:

After the show, we walked down to the Grand Staircase to see the floodwaters:

Finally, we were expelled from the park by some cops (including one who was getting ballbusted by his wife or girlfriend, which really lowered his authority level) so we went down to Ted Drewes for some ice cream before retiring to Casa de Sherron for a late night game of dominos.

All in all, this was quite the day. We all had a great time and are looking forward to the next Backyard BBQ Bash. Click here for the rest of the pics.

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