Christine and Brad’s Wedding, Part II

Happy "Asian" Couple, originally uploaded by Cracker and Cheese.

After the Philadelphia wedding, Christine’s parents held a traditional tea ceremony and reception for the happy couple in St. Louis and Bob and I were fortunate to be invited to that celebration as well. This was the first Chinese tea ceremony that I had witnessed (I did not have one when I was married). The ceremony is more to honor your parents, grandparents and elder relatives in the family and for them to accept the marriage. But what Bob and I were excited about was the eight course menu that was served during the reception. No expense was spared with the courses chosen and it was very much appreciated by us. The dishes were very seafood-heavy which was a problem with some of our friends at our table; we were very okay with that because that meant more food for us. Poor Brad, though, I believe he may be the pickiest eater that I’ve met (and I know quite a few picky eaters) and his plate was completely white. So, after the reception, we all went for a second dinner at Steak-n-Shake for those of us who did not stuff ourselves.

Congratulations again, you two! For pictures of the rest of the night, click here.

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